If you want to improve your life, but you don't know how, then you probably don't have the right tools to do it. 

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Do you seek an answer?

At a certain point in life, most people realize that they want to get more out of life, they seek improvement. They wake up one day and ask themselves: "What am I doing? Why am I here? or Is this all there is?"

In order to learn and thrive, it's only logical that you choose some new perspectives. As long as you don't get out of some fixed viewpoints, you can never improve. The EnjoinLife Project offers you new perspectives for you to choose. 

How does The EnjoinLife Project help?

If you want to improve your life, you have to start from your pure inner self en develop yourself using passion as your guide. This is more about unlearning old habits, then about learning new skills. This is key to The EnjoinLife Project.

If you do what you like, you feel good. If you do what you like your energy is refilled. If you do what you like you experience happiness.

What if I told you that there is a way to re-label your activities and tasks. Because if you do that, then you can do more things that you like and experience happiness more often. Just follow 5 simple steps. These Rules of Happiness are part of the EnjoinLife Project .

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Blueprint to happiness

Everybody deserves a blueprint to happiness. The EnjoinLife Project can be your blueprint to happiness. It provides you with easy to follow practices to release stress. It also provides a technique to reveal the unaware and unconscious patterns in your life. You can use this knowledge to adjust and navigate. 

Surprise Bonus

We all know now that stress causes a lot of problems in our lives. This is really sad, because stress is meant to guide us in life. Stress is not a bad thing itself. It is the charge of negative energy in our system that is causing these problems. Science proves that regular meditation or deep relaxation helps you to release. Inside the EnjoinLife Project you will also be offered a powerful release technique. For your benefit.

One of the health problems that are caused by stress, is weight gain or obesity. It would be great if more people knew some easy tricks to live healthier or to loose weight easily. For this reason I arranged for you a FREE 10-day video course on weight loss and healthy living

There was a time, that this was not possible for me. I was depressed for years. Only after 3 years I discovered my depression was caused by PTSD, which I got at my former work as a police officer.

Even before I got the right treatment, I kept studying on how to be happy. I educated myself and learned different techniques, theories, perspectives, lessons and scientific researches. Just because I wanted to find out how to be happy. Guess what? 

I found the blueprints and I am ready to pass them on to you.

Because you are awesome!

Let us change the world

I would like to explain what the motivation for the EnjoinLife Project really is.  The main goal of the EnjoinLife Project is to make this world a better place for our children and for their future children. The starting point for that is me and you

I believe that I am here to inspire others to unlock their natural ability to be happy. I use my skills as a trainer, coach, creator, writer, wizard or master to help others. 

I believe that I can inspire my loved ones, friends, family and everybody I come in contact with. I can inspire them by showing them that it is okay to be happy. If I inspire them, they will inspire others and the snowball effect or pay-it-forward principle is activated.

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I would like to state that I am not a doctor and the EnjoinLife Project is not a substitute for medical care. Please consult your doctor or specialist if you have any doubts about this project, coaching or personal development.

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